Stage Alesandra Pecorella                                28 et 29 Novembre 2015

Décembre, de l'automne à l'hiver:

 Fin du Cycle Solaire de l'Année - Renouveau, Lâcher prise.

L'eau / la terre pratique nous mettrons l'accent sur les ouvertures profondes des hanches. 

C'est le moment de l'année pour cultiver Vairagya (Le non attachement/lâcher et le contentement) 

Les sessions iront crescendo de cours en cours atteignantes un niveau maximal dans le dernier.

Nous incorporons les ouvertures de hanche dans positions avancées comme :

 Ouvertures de hanches en posion inversés, asanas d'équilibres sur les bras. 


La desciption des classes est en anglais car les cours sont enseignés uniquement en anglais!


Samedi matin:(8.30-11.00)

The Saturday morning session is dedicated to preparing the body/ brain to incorporate Hip openers in advanced  and unusual postures. This practice is fluid, vigorous and  multidimensional  strengthening yet healing for the lower body and allows great ease and freedom at the base of the spine. There will be a brief explanation on how Vinyasa classes are meant to follows the cycles of Nature, so they are designed to suit the time of the day, the day of the week, the month of the year, the geography and the students that attend the class!

We will warm up the body with breath work ( ujjiayi breath and other forms of pranayama) , kriyas, bandhas, asanas, mudras , chanting  for the Hanuman the monkey split. This beautiful pose represents a leap of faith and will carry you past your fears and resistance as we incorporate Hanumanasana into standing ( trivikramasana ) & seated or reclined  postures ( kashyapasana) , arm balances ( the Koundinyasana family of poses) , inversions ( hanuman in headstand or handstand) and backbends!!

There will be time for partner work or exploring variations at the wall, working with hands on and props. 

The sequences naturally spiral from simple to more complex , they are built with intelligence and they are progressive. They are based of years of Alessandra’s experience guiding students safely and inviting them to creatively explore their potential on and off the mat.


Samedi aprem: (17.00-19.30)

This evening Vinyasa session is relevant and powerful as we tune into the slower pace of the day ( the evening ) and embrace a deep release through Samakonasana. Yet another deep advanced hip opener , we will break this posture down in its building blocks and show how this deep hip opener can be unpacked in an intelligent way in its components ( to make it accessible ). 

The class begins with fluid movement meditation that prepares your body brain for sequences that circulate healing sinovial fluid in your joints ( both the hips and the shoulders) , allowing you to access interesting and unusual postures. In particular you will flow and explore how samakonasana can be incorporated not only in standing and seated postures but also in more advanced arm balances and inversions ( headstand and handstand, working with the support of the wall or a partner) .


Dimanche matin: (8.30-11.00)

 The Sunday masterclass is a  multi peak asana session ( think about eka pada kurmasana/ one legged tortoise pose, eka pada rajakapotasana in pigeon and in hanumanasana/ The king pigeon pose in pigeon and in the frontal split, straddle in headstand and handstand to name a few)  with a specific and meaningful beginning, a strong middle and a poetic end. 

We will explore the principle of Abhyasa/ Vairagya in action on the mat.  I will invite you and encourage you to practice fiercely intermediate and advance hip opener postures while you remain fully anchored in the “Here- now”  by letting go of expectations and fear. You will begin to understand how in Vinyasa, and in Nature, everything that you have encountered serves and informs what comes next. When we practice with this deep awareness we let go of tension and we begin to develop a deep level of trust. 

There will be a brief introductory talk about what lifestyle to adopt in Winter to optimise your health, followed by chanting, heating breath work exercises and ujjiayi breath, Kriyas, creative Namaskars, core work and beautiful sequences of asana that will leave you inspired and nourished  for the colder months to come !  We will incorporate partner work and hands on adjust toward the end of the session and to answer questions if you have any.




3 cours = 115 euros( avant le 15/10 : 105 euros)


Formule "all included" Yoga = 130 euros

  -3 cours de yoga

  -1 randonnée  en montagne


Formule "all included" Hebergement pension complète "Magic chalet"= 150 euros (Avant le 15/10 : 120 euros)


 -2 nuits en chambre partagé

​​- 2 brunchs et 2 dîners (Bio et végétarien)​

​- Les draps de lits et linges de toilette


Repas: Bio et végétarien = 15 euros à réserver en avance par email.



Massages holistiques tibétains, soins réenergisants,massages sportif = de 48 à 75 euros.(Sur place)


 Lieu/Location: "Chalet Cocoon": 1207,Route des Pélerins

74400 Chamonix Mont-Blanc